}Pay What You Want Hold us accountable

Why Pay What You Want?

1) It's always affordable

Our mission at Coder Central is to inspire students of all backgrounds to think beyond the traditional classroom to create something truly meaningful. We want every student to have the opportunity to participate in our classes regardless of any financial restrictions.

2) It allows you (parents) to hold us (teachers) accountable

With this model, you as parents get to hold us directly accountable for how we teach and work with your students. At any point you don't think we are responsive to your questions or meeting your students needs, you can reflect this at the end of the class when you pay us.

However, we will always give individual attention to each student before, during, and after class to improve their learning experience by adjusting to their learning style and interests.

3) Always leave satisfied

Regardless of your opinion of the quality of the course, you will be able to reflect this opinion in your payment. This way you will not have to overpay for something you did not see the value in.

With that said, we do put a lot of effort into creating our curriculum and projects as well as training our teaching assistants. While the curriculum does have students leave the class with certain products, it is designed to emphasize more on the journey of learning to create the products.

4) Focus on the experience

With this model, you and your student can focus more on working with us to create a better experience for them instead of spending that time unsatisfied with the quality of the program.

In our classes, we make each student the center of their learning experience which includes us (teachers), you (parents), peers, and mentors. This model allows us to better focus on creating this environment.

What we ask in return

As we mentioned at the beginning of the course, we are allowing you to pay us what you believe is fair value of the course based on your own experience and your student’s experience as well as comparable programs around the area (refer to syllabus for range).

We just ask you to please consider the time in and out of the class we have spent working with your student and preparing for the classes. We’ve spent 75 hours in class at Oracle and Google Hangouts, and apart from these sessions we have also spent time individually working with each group to help them with their ideas. Out of class we spent a lot of time preparing and improving our curriculum, and spent a month recruiting and training our 5 teaching assistants.
Our objective for this program is for your student to leave with:

  1. A team they can work with
  2. A startup idea that they can pursue after the course
  3. Mentors (including us) they can reach out to even after the class
  4. The passion and ability to learn technical skills to make their ideas into reality

If he or she wishes to continue to work with us, we always need help and would be happy to give them an internship position with us!

Please bring a checkbook on the last day of class to pay for the tuition prior to leaving the pitch competition.

Suggested Payment Options

Note: These are only suggestions, hence you can pay in between these values or something else. Each row can be a possible reason for why you decide to pay at this price. You may also want to consider other reasons if these do not adequately sum up your opinions.

$200 $400 $600 $800 $1000
The class did not meet our expectations with the quality of the class, instructors, TAs, and material. The class met our expectations, but we felt this was not appropriate for my child We are satisfied with the quality of the teachers, TAs, and material for the course We really enjoyed our experience at Startup Academy My child and I had an incredible experience working with the teachers, teaching assistants, and other parents/peers
My child missed several classes/discussion (5+). My child missed several classes/discussions (4+)
My child dislikes his/her experience in this course and is likely to not take another class or work with Coder Central My child is ambivalent about the course, but would still consider taking more classes or working with Coder Central My child is happy about the course, and would strongly consider taking more classes or working with Coder Central My child is extremely happy about the course and would definitely take another class or work with Coder Central We are happy to support Coder Central heavily to continue providing these course
We are disappointed with the effort that Coder Central has put into making this course We thought that Coder Central put a decent amount of time and effort into creating and running this course, but it was still lacking in some areas We are satisfied with the time and effort demonstrated by the teachers and TAs to help my child’s learning experience We are extremely satisfied with the time and effort demonstrated by the teachers and TAs to help my child’s learning experience We are amazed by the time and effort demonstrated by the teachers and TAs to help my child’s learning experience.
The results and products that my child produced were adequate My child is excited to pursue their startup idea outside of the classroom My child is thrilled to continue working on their startup idea throughout the school year
We would recommend this course to others We would highly recommend this course to others My child and I are very pleased with the end product

Work for Coder Central!

Like what we do, and want to be a part of the team? There are plenty of opportunities for you to intern with us! These are flexible internships, meaning you can apply whenever you want, and we will work with your schedule. If you have any questions regarding any of these positions, please email [email protected]

Intern Positions

  • Web Development
  • Marketing
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Hackathon Planning
  • Branch Management
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