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Take a look at what other parents have to say about Coder Central. Some words used to describe our courses - "Inspiring," "Transformative," "Awesome"!
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What to Learn?

Learn Python, Web Development, C++ at Coder Central
Python, web development, C++, what should your student learn? At the end of the day it depends on what product he/she wants to build. If he/she wants to run his/her own business, Startup Academy is perfect for him/her.
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Collaborate with us to continue your students' learning experience
We, instructors, only get a few short weeks to be with your student, but we wish to work with them long after the course is over. To do so we want to collaborate with you to keep their projects alive!
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College Inspired Courses

When you go to college, one of the things you quickly realize is that it is a time when you truly take ownership of your knowledge. In high school, the reason for learning was to get into college. But when you are in college, you are learning for yourself.

Classes at Coder Central is modeled to create a similar environment. The skills you learn will not make your students' college application look any more prestigous, but the experiences you create with those skills will help you stand out to colleges.

All work assigned is gives your student real world applications and are only assigned to help you learn the material. Classes are structured so that there are lectures and discussion sections. Lectures typically have more students, and discussion sections your student will be able to learn in a smaller group environment.

Class and Beyond

It matters more to us that your student can use the technical skills they have learned long after the course is over. To do so not only requires building a strong foundation in class, but also accumulating experience outside and after the class. Hence, we have established Coder Con, Startup Showcase, and Web Central as opportunities for students to continue using the skills they have learned in class.

Coder Con is a competitive event held at the end of the school year for middle through high school students. With events ranging from web design, programming, and business pitching, students get the opportunity to participate and compete with other local students for freelance work for small local businesses. Students work throughout the year to prepare for Coder Con, and at Coder Con students showcase their work to compete.

Startup Showcase is a direct extension of Coder Central's Startup Academy it allows students who have ideas they have started at the Startup Academy to share their work with other students and mentors. At this event, student will be able to recruit for more team members and seek more mentorship for their projects. The objective of this showcase is to be a platform and resource for past Startup Academy students to continue their startups.

Web Central is a web/business consultation service for small businesses that is run by former students of Coder Central. This gives students firsthand experience in freelance work as well as professional experience in negotiating deals. Students will be able to apply the web development, graphics design, business, and python skills they have learned at Coder Central.

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Instructors are Relatable

Instructors at Coder Central are young, personable college students that younger students can easily relate to. Students listen to instructors not only out of respect, but also because they want to. We keep the classroom casual and light, and ultimately we want to become friends with all of our students.

Current Courses

  • Startp Academy
  • Python (TBA)
  • Web Design (TBA)
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