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Start-up Academy

July 25 - August 5


Brittney, Daniel, Siddhartha

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Coder Con



Organizer : Eric Guo

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What to learn?

This question is more easily answered by asking these questions:

Do you want an introduction to programming?
Intro to Python is perfect for you! Python is a beginner friendly programming language that is widely used in the industry by companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple.
Do you want to build something?
Look at our selection of online classes. Learn to build cool web apps, Android/iOS apps, or even a smartwatch. These rotate throughout the year so don't miss them!
Do you want to be an entrepreneur?
Startup Academy will introduce you to the business, programming, and graphics design skills you will need to jumpstart your own business.
Have no idea what you want to learn?
Startup Academy is a great sampler platter of our programming and non-programming courses.