"I learnt a lot and also met some cool people that had similar interests as I do. All the instructors were great and fun to learn from."

-Cole, Student
"We felt that the format of your class helped propel the students to push much farther than they normally would."

-Amy, Parent
"We really appreciate how Daniel always provides encouragement as well as getting the students to be comfortable in using discussion to share information in a classroom setting."

-Diana, Parent

College Mentorship

Pleasanton, California

practical, challenging,
and engaging

Up-Coming Courses

Start-up Academy 2 | Summer

Students will be exposed to basics of accounting, business strategy, and marketing


Develop fundamental object oriented programming skills that will help students quickly pick up other languages such as Java and C++.

Graphics Design

An introductory course that teaches students how to use visual arts

Web Development

Create your own website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript


Daniel Huang

Currently a 3rd year at UCLA, Daniel studies Economics and Accounting. On the side he is a web developer for several student organizations. He founded Coder Central 2 years ago and has taught C++, web development, and business since then.

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Siddhartha Desai

A senior at UC Irvine, Siddhartha studies Computer Science. In high school he directed ACE Coding classes at the Pleasanton Library for elementary to middle school students. He has taught Python and C++ at Coder Central for 2 years.

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Education for the 21st Century

What does it take to be a productive member of today's economy? A college degree? A master's degree? Or perhaps an excellent GPA from high school and college? The reality is, it takes more than just a prestigious degree or a stellar GPA. More than ever now, companies are looking for creative people with a drive to solve problems- qualities that are not taught in school.

If anything, what we see in school today is doing the exact opposite. Students are conditioned to fear failure as it comes with associated punishments such as a bad grade or peer judgement. This not only discourages students to continue to try, but also destroys their creative potentials.

Creativity is born from mistakes and learning from them. At Coder Central, courses are revolved around reviving the innate creativity and curiosity that people are born with. Small class sizes ensures that students receive personalized attention and for them to feel like they are in a safe environment. Teachers at Coder Central place a heavy emphasis on teaching student because they want to learn as opposed to telling them what they should learn.

Curriculums are designed with the intention of challenging students and fostering their ability and motivation to learn on their own. This is something that we believe is far more valuable than just telling students what they should know.